Daygo Lumpia is the result of 2 friends, Angelica and Yvette, whom hadn't seen one another in almost 2 decades. It was the summer of 2017, Yvette moved back to San Diego and was ready to make up for lost time. Angelica and Yvette were discussing money ventures and such to fund their individual and collective goals. Angelica mentioned how her and her mom used to talk about doing a lumpia business but it never really went beyond a what if conversation. A lightbulb went off in Yvette's head. She knew that was a good idea and could see how it could happen if we work together. So here it is Daygo Lumpia, Blasian Style.

We use Nut meats (walnut, pecan) , Jackfruit and occasionally will substitute with plant based meat breads


Vegan menu


Growing up with a Filipina mother you are not a stranger to lumpia rolling. Matter of fact you will have tried to roll lumpia as perfect and consistent as your Filipina mother. We came to accept that our rolling style is our own. This is why our tagline is Blasian Style; to represent us and our rolling style. 

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